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Group Fitness

Zumba Level 1

Zumba is a total body workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, 

muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility, and boosted energy. 

Step Zumba
Step Zumba is the combination of awesome toning and strengthening power of Step aerobics with the fun fitness of Zumba. 

Turbo Kick

A combination of High intensity kickboxing moves and dance moves all in one. Designed by Beachbody to motivate you. 


 A total body workout designed by Beachbody that requires no gym or equipment. All you need is your ability to push your body to the max. 

Fitness Yoga

A combination of aerobic and anaerobic movements with elements from Hatha Yoga and traditional exercise, linked together in a series of poses that create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.


Designed by Shaun T so it's guaranteed to make you sweat while learning some of the latest dance moves.  The more you get into it, the more you'll get out of it. 

Indoor Cycling (Spin)

Experience a unique workout that will stimulate the mind and push the body to new levels. Indoor cycling simulates a real-life cycling feel of an outdoor bike in a controlled, hard-pedaling indoor environment. Guaranteed to burn calories.


An alternative exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

Fitness BootCamp

Awesome fitness class based on core movements and regiments based on former military training. Each class consist of dynamic stretching and cardio, followed by wide variety of interval training, including lifting, pushing, and pulling weights/bands, plyometric, and various types of explosive routines.