Live Your Life Athletic (LYLA) Fitness 
& Healthy Living, LLC

Wake Up and Get Active People

One on One 

Health Coach

Designed to help you end a vicious cycle in health and fitness through a long-term process of behavior change, physical activity and nutrition coaching skills you need to empower you. 

Personal Trainer 

Each program is individually designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise.

Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

Designed to help you expand your knowledge in nutrition and fitness in order to create a long-term actionable lifestyle change. Additionally, we give advice on selecting and preparing food, reading nutrition labels, and choosing meals that facilitate weight loss, improve athletic performance and meet special dietary needs.

Weight Management Specialist 

Designed to help you overcome your long-term overweight or obesity struggles (without medication or surgery) through a balance of behavior change strategies, exercise and nutrition.